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Every successful brand has a strong community.
Why building a community is critical to your success



Social Mining is the name of the agency and a new approach to community building, bringing together the best of digital marketing and blockchain technology to create a vibrant, resilient and loyal community.

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We help businesses grow, launch products, and build enduring relationships with their communities.

We will help you to determine what type of community you want to build, how to engage with the audience you already have, and how to grow that audience to gain long-term supporters and clients that are aligned with your brand and mission.

of companies state the brand community has improved their decision-making.

of Fortune 500 companies report communities provide insight into customer needs.

of companies see the value that customer collaboration presents for the marketing department.

What can we do for you

Our Capabilities

We offer a fresh approach to storytelling which is called story building. From strategic planning, development and execution, we deliver all the tools and knowledge necessary to identify and reach micro and macro influencers relevant to your brand and build a reward based community program, to keep them engaged and loyal to your company on the long run.

Research & Analysis

We evaluate your brand-community relation, find strengths and weaknesses and give you a broader understanding of your target audience you want to build on.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the key to a successful marketing strategy. Social platforms make it easy to connect with your target audience and present yourself in the most authentic way.

Communication Design

The first impression counts. That's why we put a lot of focus on the right social media branding, a dedicated landing page or the entire frontend.

Ambassador Program

Our global network of ambassadors offers the unique opportunity to bring your project to targeted communities worldwide through real, passionate people.

Influencer Network

Our influencer network includes content creators from around the globe with over 80 million combined followers in different categories like lifestyle, travel, music, fashion, sports, technology, and more.


We analyze your business and setup an event schedule with the most important international congresses, as well as help you to prepare and organize the event materials.


We help you to create meaningful press releases get your articles published in the worlds’ largest crypto- and blockchain news outlets.


Our portfolio of brands & influencers that we collaborate with allows us to setup impactful campaigns for your project.

Content Creation

We help to create stunning visual content for your brand that will set you apart from the competition.

How to build a strong community

To create a vibrant, resilient and loyal community you have to follow a few steps like building a strong brand, be present and authentic on social media and most importantly provide incentives to your community through referral-programs, airdrops and giveaways. There is a variety of additional aspects that you have to keep an eye on like a passionate and engaged community manager and a steady presence of team members in groups.

What is Social Mining

The brand new way of building communities is by utilizing the many benefits of blockchain.Transparency, decentralization and a reliable reward system are just a few of the many advantages. It is often described as a more sophisticated way of cultivating a community of true believers. Blockchain is a foundational technology and hence is something that communities can sprout from.

Rewarded Platforms

Decentralized social platforms we are supporting

Decentralized social media would have no central server. The entire network itself will oversee the management of the social network, using blockchain technology. Facebook, YouTube or any other single entity cannot control all of the content on decentralized social media. We will help and guide you with your decentralized social media account.

Get connected

Crypto Influencer

Influencer marketing is not a new concept as it is based on the foundation of recommendation but through the power of first social media and now blockchain it has rapidly grown in popularity among marketeers around the world. Brands can no longer „buy their way in“ to a skeptical audience of millennials, Generation X and Y who spend most of their time on their phones. They have to connect with their consumers and build up a trustful and authentic relationship through digital celebrities.

Receive opportunities to collaborate on meaningful campaigns

Build a relationship


We build the right strategy

Ambassadors or so called Micro-Influencers can bring more value to a brand than big celebrities if utilized in the right way. They will be more passionate and engaged with your brand, in a way becoming a part of your extended marketing team, customer service and community management. Blockchain provides a unique reward-system opportunity that can be easily applied on a global scale bringing benefits like transparency to both parties.

Build a relationship



We create effective strategies, powerful identities for your project. Just drop us a message and we will let you know, what we can do for you.

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